Decorating: Preparing walls

Below are a few handy tips that you might find helpful when preparing walls before painting. Basically, it is all about pleasing the eye. Let me explain.

  • Don’t bother wasting your energy on areas that will be hidden by a piece of furniture (wardrobe, bed, chest of drawers, etc.).
  • Pay particular care at walls that are at right angle with a window. The light coming into the room will hit the wall in such a way that every imperfection will be highlighted. Here again, it is all about pleasing the eye, so don’t waste time smoothing the top and bottom of the wall just focus around the middle.
  • If you are going to put up a new wall light, be sure to smooth the area that will be lit. If no lights are fitted, simply use a big torch or even a small lamp, place the torch against the wall and make a swiping movement from left to right, a bit like a metronome, to see if you catch any unwanted raised bits that would need sanding down.