Bag or bagless vacuum cleaner?

Which vacuum cleaner to chooseThere are a lot of reviews on the Internet to help people choose which type of vacuum cleaner to buy: upright, cylinder, bag, bagless, etc. What they don’t really tell you is how they perform after a while. In this post, I will share with you the experience I have had with my own vacuums cleaners. Hopefully, this will make you aware of some problems but at the end of the day, they all have their pros and cons so deciding which to choose will always be hard. Continue reading

Unblock kitchen sinks without chemicals

Wet kitchen cloth and empty plastic bottleI must share with you a great tip on how to unblock kitchen sinks without chemicals! Simple but yet effective. Of course, I had to buy a couple of bottles of drain unblocker first.   At £5 a bottle, it really hurts your pocket! And the result was never that great.Then, I had a Eureka moment!

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How to keep boots straight

boots held straight with rolled newspaper

Keep the legs up using a rolled up newspaper or magazine

To stop your boots from falling down and keep them nicely straight, simply roll up a newspaper or a magazine and slide inside each boot. Alternatively, you could use an 12-egg box.

how to keep your boots straight

Standing up, the boots will take less room in your cupboard and will last longer as leather damage is reduced.


How many days in the month, the French way

Ok, I know! This tip is not going to help you save time (nor money) now but it would have saved you time once upon a time, when you were still at infant school and had to learn how many days there are in which month! Continue reading

Free Pilates classes

 This tip should help you save money and time.

Think about it! What is the objective of Pilates? It is to help you reconnect with your core muscles – the muscles around your spine – and to strengthen your spine.

Well, guess what? You should never have disconnected with them in the first place. Your body is Click here to continue!