How to grow a pine tree

I went to Italy last October and picked up 2 pine nuts that had found on the ground. I crushed the shell of one with a large stone and ate the nut inside and put the other one in my pocket. When I got home, I decided to try and grow a pine tree so I placed the whole shell in the freezer for a few days (one week maybe) to make the seed “believe” it was winter. Then, I took it out of the freezer and loosely wrapped the shell inside some very wet cotton wool, pouring water on it regularly to ensure it never dried. After a couple of weeks, the shell started to split.

cone pine 10-28

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Ways to reuse sliced bread plastic bags – fresher tea bags

reuse plastic bread bag 750g tea packet


Tea bags are cheaper to buy in large packs but they would take too much space in the food cupboard for day-to-day use. So, I fill a handy-size container with a few handful of tea bags and, to keep the remaining tea bags fresh, I place the pack inside an old sliced bread plastic bag sealed at the top. To give you an idea of sizes, you can fit a 750g pack of Yorshire Tea tea bags inside a Hovis bag.

Used fresh lemon slices to clean your sink

reuse lemon slices from drinks

Don’t throw out fresh lemon slices that were used in drinks or any left-over fresh lemon. Keep them in a separate glass by the sink and use them to wipe the sink and prevent any build-up of lime scale. They are antibacterial too!

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Keep spare buttons safe

When buying new clothes, you will often get a small plastic bag fixed inside the garment containing spare button(s). Don’t just pull it out and store it in a drawer or throw it out. Take a needle and threat and sew the spare buttons to an inside hem, somewhere out of the way which is not going to be annoying on your skin. You don’t need to make it look neat because it is out of sight anyway. You never know, you might need that spare button one day!IMG_1250 (1024x683)

How to get your Tomtom out of its protective case


Having problems getting your Tomtom out of its protective cover or pouch? or any other device in a protective pouch for that matter? All you need is a length of ruban (or even a thin length of plastic bag, why not!), long enough to be pushed into the pouch and leave you enough grip to pull your Tom tom out when needed.

Reuse bread bag as a kitchen compost bin

Below is another way for you to replace your hard plastic kitchen compost bin so that you no longer have to wash it!!

If you do not have a 4-pint milk bottle or if you want something smaller, place your kitchen waste inside an empty bread bag until you are ready to empty it in your garden compost bin. Then, when the plastic bag gets dirty, simply throw it away and use another one.