About Nicole

Who am I? In short, I am a translator, wife and mother of two who has experience in cooking, DIY, gardening, bringing up kids (in no particular order), that's the one good thing about getting older. I am not a great spender, I don’t like waste and I am not keen on ready-made meals and restaurant food as my motto is: "I can do it better and cheaper". What can I do for you? Share with you the experience I have collected over the years so that you can turn it to your advantage. We all want to make our own mistakes but sometimes, it is nice to learn the easy way through others.

Cooking gone wrong – Meringues

Don’t worry if things go wrong in your kitchen. It still happens to me even though I have been cooking for nearly thirty years.

I had a couple of egg whites left over from my delicious lime cheesecake. So, I decided to make meringues.

They looked lovely and delicious. But, believe me, they tasted horrible. I had a couple of mouthfulls just to make sure. They had definitely gone past the point of no return! Meringues are meant to look white. The temperature in the oven was just too high. Lesson learnt.