Doody doo , just for you!

This post is for dog owners who let their dogs relieve themselves in the garden. Anyone else, I promise, you will not want to know. I have found out the perfect way of dealing with dog’s poos.

My dog will usually do about 5 poos a day. So, when I clean up, even on a daily basis, I have quite a few to pick up. I have been using nappy bags or empty bread loaf bags, using one inside-out to pick up and the other for collection. But, it gets tricky when you have to handle a slighly soft poo. Well, I have found out recently that dog’ faeces have very high adhesion properties, i.e. they stick to one another as well as hair and dirt stick to sellotape. So, here is what to do:

Turn one bag inside out with your writing hand inside. Pick up the first poo as you would normally. Then, when you get to the next one, instead of picking itĀ up, just push gently the first poo on top of the second one. The second one will get “glued” to the top one. And repeat the process with all the other poos. This works very well with soft faeces that would otherwise leave a mess on the grass. Of course, as the height of the poo mass increases, the cup of your hand will probably no longer be big enough to hold everything. So, you can then hold the bag with your two hands. So, please try and let me know what you think!

P.S. this tip does not work during the hot seasons….